Drama I / Middle School Play (Prosser)
The Middle School Play Drama elective is your chance to participate in the Middle School Play! Students learn all the basics of performance while creating their very own original show which is performed in our school's theater in February. This elective emphasizes improvisation, character-building theater games, creative playwriting, and performance technique. Students work together collaboratively, creating a safe environment for students of all theatrical levels to bring what each individual has to offer to our unique process. 
This elective meets weekly as a regular elective throughout the year, but has a mandatory after-school rehearsal schedule MON-THURS during the month of January. Students participating are also agreeing to be available for tech and dress rehearsals as well as workdays.

Drama II (Ledwell)
In this class, student actors focus on advanced improvisation techniques, as well as scenes and monologues, touching on a variety of eras. Actors learn about theatrical styles from other periods in history and how to apply these styles to their improvisational scenes.  There is an increased focus on vocal and physical preparation in this class, as well.  Whenever possible, Drama II students view live performances, both in and out of school, and analyze the effectiveness of the choices made by actors, directors, and designers. Students may take this class multiple times, as the special projects rotate through the years.

Film (Ledwell)
Students in this elective study the art of film: writing, cinematography, editing, design, directing, and acting. They learn how to spot trends and homages to earlier films and how to watch movies with a discerning eye.  They discuss classics and modern films, paying close attention to how the historical context, the artists’ goals, and the various film disciplines have influenced filmmakers’ choices. They will also create their own short stop-motion films and film scenes in class, giving them the chance to practice their new skills.  Open to students in all grades.

Stagecraft (TBD)
In Beginning Stagecraft, students will learn the basics of technical theater: sets, lights, properties, costumes, and sound.  The class work focuses around the three plays put on during the school year, and students in the Stagecraft classes form the core of the student stage crew for the plays and concerts. Students learn how to use basic hand tools including electric drills, paint sets and props, hang and focus lights, operate the lighting board, and operate sound when required.  Open to students in all grades.